Progress Report #2 — Week Two + Akira Tanaka’s Dream

Week two!

In a day or two, it will be two weeks since Tanaka and the Yakuza’s Daughter went on sale.  Tanaka had seven sales during that time (6 on Amazon and 1 on B&N) and Elraton had one lonesome sale (Amazon).  Of the seven sales for Tanaka, three are confirmed FrF (friends or family).

I was hoping for more after the release of the video, but I guess it isn’t a terrible start.

The novel is coming along.  Here is the (current–may change) opening paragraph:

Akira Tanaka slowly opened his eyes.  He felt water run down his face but not from crying.  Everything was blurry, but he made out the figure of a man rapidly moving his arms in front of him.  As the ringing in his ears subsided, he realized the man was saying something–no, he was shouting something… at him.  Tanaka’s hands were high above his head, being held up by chains.  He was someone’s prisoner and although he couldn’t be sure, he felt that he was naked.

Poor Tanaka never gets a break.  You will be happy to know this is just a dream.  But… he wakes to a real-life nightmare.  (It’s coming)

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