Progress Report #3 — Week Three

I had three sales this week for Tanaka and the Yakuza’s Daughter.  Whohoo!

Kind of.

Two of those sales are acquaintances.  One is the daughter of a neighbor of mine.  She was in town last week so I told her about the story; she told me she would buy it.  A few days later, I was overjoyed to see an organic sale on!  Seeing her yesterday, I figured out that that “organic” sale was her. 🙂

Still, it was very good.  She said she thoroughly enjoyed it and even went so far as to tell me that she felt like she was actually in the story.  That was nice.  Plus she said to expect a good review from her on Amazon.  (Best news of the day.)

The other sale was from a British author whom I met via Twitter.  I bought his book and although I told him not to buy my ebook (I even sent him a link to download it for free), he did anyway.  That was very kind of him.

The author is Adrian Magson and the book I read was Red Station.  I’ll write a review (glowing to be sure) probably this coming Sunday.

He is very kind and surprisingly responsive on Twitter.

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