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The Temporal Book Cover by CJ Martin

In addition to the previous post about E.C. Smith’s Covenant ebook cover, I also recently finished the cover for a novel I’m working on. It is called The Temporal.

I’m not sure why, but both covers called for red-heads. In my case, the red-head is a bad guy–bad girl, actually. And Mr. Smith’s red-head is a good girl.

I’ll write a little more about The Temporal soon. Basically, it is a “supernatural thriller” and so far comes to 52,000 words. I’ve finished a full first draft and about half of the book is fairly polished, but it is still has a ways to go.

The anticipated Tanaka novel: Sons of Redemption is still being edited.

E.C. Smith’s Covenant ebook Cover Design

I’ve been working my way through a 155,000 word fantasy novel written by a friend of mine. Today, I finished the cover for his novel and I’m liking how it is turning out.

The woman is from an image by Dreamtwist found here:

Dreamtwist was kind enough to allow me to use it–thank you!

You’ll hear more from me about Mr. Smith’s Covenant books. Hopefully, Book One will be published on Amazon and Nook in a few months.

If you are interested in fantasy and would like to read an “uncorrected manuscript” as the New York publishers say, please contact me to be on a beta reader’s list. I think it reads pretty smooth, but extra eyes prior to publication is always good.