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Two Tocks before Midnight Audiobook Sample

Two Tocks before Midnight by CJ Martin & Narrated by Wayne Farrell (Right click to download)

The audiobook is finished! It should hit the digital shelves of iTunes,, and Amazon MP3 very soon.

Here is the ebook on Amazon and on B&N. I only have four reviews on Amazon and zero on–if you would like a free review copy, please let me know.

Two Tocks before Midnight the Audiobook — Almost There

Wayne Farrell is the perfect voice for the story and I just approved the first fifteen minutes. Wayne is incredibly responsive and a pleasure to work with. I can’t wait until I am able to post an excerpt.

Tanaka and the Yakuza’s Daughter 7,500 word short story is already up as an audiobook on iTunes (see link here) and Amazon / (see Link here). I’m more than pleased with the results. I’m getting about a sale a day from that one story. Not bad for my first audiobook and especially for a short audiobook (only 45 minutes).

Tanaka and the Yakuza’s Daughter Audiobook on Audible!

Tanaka and the Yakzua’s Daughter, the Audiobook

My partner and I still do not have the novel ready, but here is the short story that started (or is starting) it all.

The bullet tore flesh from his left shoulder. Akira Tanaka yelped in pain but quickly regained his focus. He had been shot before and knew he would be shot again if he didn’t keep quiet. He took a moment to control his breathing and glance at the bloody wound. It was a lucky shot; he had been out of their line of sight.

Tanaka’s daughter has been kidnapped. He must face a group of determined yakuza to save her. This fast-paced 7,500 word story is the first in a series of thrilling adventures featuring Tanaka.

“Well written and puts you into the action right away.” – Larry LaVoie, author of Leap of Faith and other suspense/thriller/mystery novels.

Click here for the ebook version at and at And here is the new Audible book link.

Blog Announcement: Two Tocks Before Midnight Audio Book Cover Art

Wayne Farrell, who has a wonderful and quite appropriate voice for the story, has agreed to record it as an audio ebook. More on this later…

Here is the working cover art that I just finished.

I hope to be able to post examples of Mr. Farrell’s talent soon, but until then… Two Tocks, the Audio Book, is coming soon!

If you haven’t read the novella, please check it out at Amazon, here.