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Spending Time with Madame Koochie, a Review of Zachary Pill by Tim Greaton

Tim is Maine’s other great author and, over the past year, I’ve gotten to know him through a mutual Twitter friend. He is always gracious with his time and generous with his advice as a writer. I’m embarrassed how long it took me to write this review. I read his book months ago and promptly forgot to write it. It is an excellent book, fun for all ages, however.

Fantasy–and in particular, young adult fantasy–isn’t my favorite genre. But Tim Greaton’s characters were just fun to get to know. He has a talent for characterization, something I know is very difficult to do right. Madame Koochie is a hoot!

In a matter of hours, young Zachary Pill finds his life shattered. Everything he knows to be a fact may not be so. His weakling of a father may be the strongest being on earth–and beyond! His love for plants may be more than a simple interest in horticulture. And bats! Vicious and nasty flying bats attack him for seemingly no reason. But perhaps these sorts of things often happen to kids with naturally green hair.

Let’s just call the book an imagination overload and a good time was had by all. If you are looking for lighthearted fantasy fun, check out Zachary Pill and his strange family. No bad language, “adult” situations, or graphic violence.

This installment gets you into the world and introduces you to the Pill family. If you find you like it, there are other books in the series. You can buy the three books in an omnibus trilogy set for less than buying the other two individually.

BEST OF ALL–it is free. Download it now for your Kindle.

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E.C. Smith’s Epic Fantasy Novel: Bitter Dawn — New Cover & New Name

I had uploaded an earlier version of Mr. Smith’s huge fantasy (155,000 words!) here. Well, he changed the name and I had to do a much higher resolution image so he could print it. Unfortunately most of the images I had used were too small. So… I redid the whole thing.

I hope you like it better than the old one.

Get the free sample on your Kindle. If you like fantasy (think Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings) with elves and dwarves and things like that, I am sure you’ll love it. I’m not a big fantasy reader (okay, I have ready Lord of the Rings and a few of the Narnia books…) but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Get the free sample and if you like it, buying it would make E.C. Smith’s day.