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CJ Martin’s Podcast and How Authors can make a Podcast

Well, I had messed up the XML for the iTunes podcast. I’m doing everything by hand so the XML gets tricky in Notepad. It should be correct now.

I have eleven episodes now with two complete stories (George and the Elraton Gang and Tanaka and the Yakuza’s Daughter). The one I’m currently going through is my 62,000 word novel, The Temporal.

Just for those wanting to know how to put up a podcast, here are the simple steps and a sample XML file that I use.

1) Create an audio file or video.

2) Make an XML file (see below)

2.b) Make a 300×300 image that will show up on iTunes (like the one I have to the left here)

3) Upload said XML, image, and Audio or Video files to a folder on your website’s server

4) Submit the XML file’s location to iTunes here:

5) I also recommend signing up with Google’s free Feedburner service — this allows you to track subscribers and see how many people are actually listening. iTunes doesn’t give you any data and seeing the number of people notified when a new podcast is uploaded is always encouraging.

Here is a watereddown version of my XML file: Feel free to base your XML file off of mine. Just change the info, of course!

<?xml version=”1.0″?>
<rss xmlns:itunes=”” version=”2.0″>

  <title>CJ Martin Books</title>
  <description>Mr. Martin is an author of thrillers</description>
  <copyright>Kotoba Books 2012</copyright>
  <lastBuildDate>Sun, 12 May 2011 12:09:54 GMT</lastBuildDate>
<itunes:summary>Any story or novel written by CJ Martin that has been recorded will eventually find itself here in this podcast!</itunes:summary>
<itunes:category text=”Literature”/>
<itunes:category text=”Arts”/>
<itunes:keywords>thrillers,CJ Martin,ebooks,audio books,supernatural thrillers, japan, Japanese</itunes:keywords>
 <itunes:name>CJ Martin</itunes:name>
   <title>Tanaka and the Yakuza’s Daughter</title>
   <description>Part I – In search of his daughter</description>
   <pubDate>Wed, 12 May 2011 12:09:54 GMT</pubDate>
   <enclosure url=”” length=”740″ type=”audio/mpeg”/>
   <itunes:keywords>thriller, tanaka, Japanese, Japan</itunes:keywords>

This is how it would look with only one MP3. To add your second, Just copy from <item> to </item> and paste it just under the first one.

The only thing tricky is what “length” means. I thought it was the file size in bytes so I was inputting crazy numbers like 985434422. But “length” means the number of seconds, the duration…

It takes a little work to start, but creating and adding to a podcast is a great and free way to advertise your stories and gain readership–or listenership.

While we are on the subject, please subscribe to my podcast on Feedburner or directly on iTunes. Thanks!