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Two for One: Elraton Gang and the Aliens of the Wild West

While still rewriting the last bit of the Tanaka story, I decided to release two somewhat silly short stories under the title of “Two for One.”

The two short stories contained within are “George and the Elraton Gang” and “The Aliens of the Wild West.”  I like George and Aliens has its moments. 

Both should be approved (hopefully) over the weekend.  Both versions have an active table of contents and are formatted specifically for ereaders.

George and the Elraton Gang

George will simply not put up with a gang of terrorist rats.  These rats have taken over the old Henderson’s house across the street.  Harnessing the power of his secret labyrinth, George wields an ultimate weapon to battle the rats.  The rats will not surrender without a fight, however.  Full invasion ensues.

Who couldn’t love a story about a rat named Princess making a Churchillian speech and a nod to an ancient folk-tale.  George and the Elraton Gang is a 3,800 word short story with a surprising twist to the common dream-like theme.

The Aliens of the Wild West

The Boss and Jimmy are inseparable, but it wasn’t always like that.  A mere five years prior, the two were on opposite sides in the Civil War.  Their like-personalities and needs, however, trumped any previous political differences.  Now, the two face giant aliens and the very real possibility that they will be kidnapped and used for experimentation on a strange planet far away.

As you read, just remember, it isn’t what you think.

The Aliens of the Wild West is a 2,300 word story.

I’m hoping to begin recording George and the Elraton Gang to send out as weekly podcasts shortly.  So, you will be able to hear the story for free (probably in three parts) or you can just zoom over to Amazon or B&N and buy the ebook for .99 (USD).

More shortly…