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The Temporal — a Supernatural Thriller is Free on Amazon Today and Tomorrow

Today and tomorrow, my first book The Temporal is free for Kindle (December 25th-26th). If you have a different device, just email me.


ETERNITY: Existence outside time

The Temporal
a supernatural thriller by CJ Martin

After his wife leaves him for a former friend, Sam Williams moves to Japan to start his life over.

But a quiet life for Sam was not to be.

A devastating earthquake in central Japan sends eternity crashing into time, enabling Sam to hear echoes of the past and even the future. Through the echoes, Sam and a mysterious Japanese woman learn of a terrorist plot that could plunge the world into turmoil and position a murderer as the leader of the free world.

They alone have the knowledge and ability to stop the plot.

But even with eternity on their side, can they stop it in time?

This novel has 62,000 words and is about 250 printed pages.

Click Here to download for free